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There is currently an AIM virus on in the internet that resembles the following message:

I've seen your picture on buddypic.com...

This is NOT from buddypic.com. Even though it reads buddypic.com, if you mouse over and right mouse click, then select "Show Hyperlink" you will see it goes to another website. This has nothing to do with buddypic.com and we have no control over it. Please do NOT click the link, it is a virus.

1.) Please realize that this is not to be used for support. If you have a question on how to use the website, please post in the Site Issues and Enhancements Forum.

2.) Account cancellation requests are handled by the sticky in the Site Issues and Enhancements Forum. Please click here.

3.) This area is not to be used to complain as to why your picture was denied. The reason why your picture may be denied is stated within the picture page. If you have further questions, please BP mail a Picture Moderator.

4.) This is not used as BP mail. It is used to contact the Administrator ONLY. Nothing will be posted by this. This will only be seen by the administrator.

5.) Be aware filling out this form does not reach any other BP members other than the Administrator. This is not a form of BP mail.

Picture Moderators and Forum Moderators will never see this message, this is strictly for professional contact only. All contacts otherwise will be ignored. Repeated failures to use these rules/regulations may result in further action.

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