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This page contains Frequently Asked Questions by our members.


Q: I made a new username and they denied it. Why?
A: You are only allowed to have ONE account. Please don't make new accounts, all other accounts will be denied. If you're making an account for a friend, have them do it on their own computer so there's not confusion. If you have more then one family member who wants an account, Have the both of you salute (A picture of the two of you both holding up signs, with your usernames and BuddyPic on it somewhere) and submit the picture for both accounts. Remember, only make an account for yourself, no one else.

Q: I want to delete my account, but I can't find the button to do it. Where is this done?
A: If you would like your account removed from the site, please read this thread. We don't completely delete accounts, we just deny them so you can not delete your account just to make another. This is not allowed.

Q: It's my birthday and my age still hasn't changed, how do I fix it?
A: Your age should update automatically by the system on the day of your birth date. This will not happen instantly, wait at least until 6am CDT that day. If it has not updated then, please see the question below.

Q: I accidentally entered my birthdate wrong and my age is incorrect! How is this fixed?
A: If you have realized you entered your birhdate wrong, you can click here and ask to have your birthdate changed for you, please include your full birthdate (month day and year), not your age. Also, give it a day or two for us to get to it. Just keep in mind, this can only be done once.

Q: What if I don't like my username anymore and I'd like to change it?
A: You can't. With as many members as we have, and the people in the forums, everyone changing their usernames becomes a hassle. People are known by their usernames and if they keep switching, everyone will just get confused and not know who is who. So unless there's a really good reason for it to change, please just keep the one you have, it's not going to kill you.

Q: How do I change what is displayed in my profile?
A: To edit your profile, first click on "My Profile" at the top, then "Edit Profile" on the left side.

Q: Why does BuddyPic.com log me out when I change computers?
A: Inorder to make your account the most secure, BuddyPic only lets you logged into your account from a single location at a time.

Q: Why does BuddyPic.com log me out randomly for no reason?
A: This means that someone else is currently using your account, we recommend logging back in and changing your password immediately. To ensure your account is secure, we do not let two people use the same account at the same time.

Q: What does Salute Status mean and how do I salute? Do I have to?
A: This is a method of determining if you are actually the person in your picture. You can submit a Salute by
clicking here. Please make sure you read the entire page before submitting, or your salute will be denied.. Normally, you do not have to salute, if your main account is denied and requests a salute, you must provide one.


Q: I am new. Why can I not use the forums and BuddyPic mail or form features?
A: You cannot use the forums/BP mail until your picture is approved.

Q: What exactly is a moderator, and how do I become one?
A: A moderator is a person who has been chosen, by the staff, that has shown that they have the ability to do the job. This only occurs when the site is in need for new moderators, please don't ask to become one, if you're a candidate, we'll see you. Asking may diminish your chance at becoming one. A moderator goes through the forums, checking threads, helping people, keeping everything in order. They are the rule enforcers.

Q: How do I add colors, fonts, sizes and urls to my mail, profile, posts and signature?
A: You should be able to use the Forum Code buttons placed above the text areas, however, for information on how to manually do this, please see the Text Guide.

Q: How do I create a Signature under my posts?
A: Go to, My Profile --> Edit Preferences--> write it in, hit update, and BAM! Also, to change colors, add links, or any of that fun stuff, please read this thread to find out how to do it.

Q: Why are some threads showing up color?
A: A thread will show up blue if someone from your favorites list has posted in that thread. It will show up red if you have posted in that thread. This can be changed by clicking on Edit Preferences under the My Profile link at the top.

Q: This time on BuddyPic is different from my time, how do I fix this?
A: Go to, My Profile --> Edit Preferences--> Choose the time zone you're in, and update.


Q: I just submitted my picture. How long until it is approved?
A: It normally takes up to a few minutes to a few hours to get your picture approved. Our pic mods approve picture as soon as they can, so please be patient.

Q: How big of a picture can I upload?
A: The servers will not accept a picture over 100Kb and under 30kb. Please make sure your picture is between those two sizes. 50-70Kb is ideal, your picture shouldn't be resized if it's at this size. If you don't know how to resize it, the easiest way to do it is;
Open it up in MS Paint
ctrl+w and change the size depending on how much bigger it is... usually 50x50 works well.
If you change it, and there's still something wrong, don't keep changing it, that'll distort the picture and ruin it. Start from scratch, do a ctrl +z and try another size. Or for those of you using Photoshop, go to Image --> Image Size --> change the percentage, and save.

Q: I just tried to upload a picture and it says it needs to be in JPEG format. It already is! What do I do?
A: Please open your picture in MS paint and resave it as JPEG. If it is a .jpeg, then it's over 100kb (see above to find out how to fix it).

Q: I uploaded a new picture, but it still shows my other one of my profile. What do I do?
A: This means that your pages aren't refreshing. Try refreshing your pages (F5, CTRL+F5. ALT+R, hit the refresh button on your toolbar, or right click and select refresh). And make sure to do it on the page that's not refreshing. If none of those worked, you should check your settings;
Internet Explorer --> Tools --> Internet Options --> Under the General Tab --> Under Temporary Internet Files --> Settings --> Make sure automatically is checked, then click ok. Remember that this is just your computer it's happening on, and everyone else can see your new picture. Please don't keep resubmitting your picture.

Q: A lot of people seem to have a lot of pictures up at once, how do I do that?
A: Those are collages. Most users use programs such as paint or photo shop to do theirs.


Q: How many votes do I have to have before I get a ranking?
A: It takes 30 votes before you get a ranking.

Q: Why does my ranking say "N/A"?
A: While your picture is denied, or you are below 30 votes, you will not be ranked with the other members. Please wait 30 minutes and you will be ranked.

Q: I've seen people with higher ratings then those in the top five. Why are those people still up there?
A: The top lists refresh every thirty minutes and during that time period a lot of the votes will change.

Q: What if I want to reset my rating?
A: To reset your rating, go to My Profile, and then click on the link under the "My Stats" box. This will bring you to a page with the rules to it, and then by clicking the next link to continue, it will bring you to another page where clicking that link if final. You can only reset your rating once every week.

Q: I sent a link to my profile to one of my friends, but it won't let them rate me. Why?
A: Only registered members, with an approved picture, who are logged in are able to vote from the profiles. Non-registered members can only rate others by going through the lists of rating people.

Q: Why do I get so many ones?
A: Everyone gets ones. That's the most votes you'll get, it's not that you deserve them, sometimes; it's just that people go around giving them. Why? No one really knows, there are many reasons. If it really bothers you, just compare your rating to the top people and you'll be better off, everyone gets down voted fairly, so just curve your score.

Q: It says I've already voted someone, but I haven't, why?
A: Some internet providers, such as AOL, do connection sharing where you will use the same connection as others on their service. A good way to get around this on AOL is to use Internet Explorer to browse the website, not AOL's web browser. This may also happen if you have someone else using your computer, such as a brother or friend. You cannot vote twice from the same computer.

Q: When I try to rate someone, my rating never counts and it does not say I have rated them, why?
A: If you are using Norton Security Products, this is a problem with changing the default, recommended values of Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2005. You can fix this by Opening Norton Internet Security. Then double click on "Privacy Control" and click on "Advanced." On the top left hand side, click on "Defaults" (make sure it is highlighted). On the "Global Settings" tab, under the "Information about visited" section, uncheck the "Use default settings." Click "Permit" and then click "Ok" to close the Options window.


Q: It says I have unread messages, but I can't find them. Help?
A: You can view just your unread messages by clicking on BP Mail at the top, then clicking on the number in parenheses next to Inbox, or by
clicking here.

Q: None of my sent mail exist anymore, why?
A: We recentely released an updated mail sysem which allows you to delete sent items. Inorder to make this function you must check "Save as Sent" for it to exist in you sent mail box..

Q: Some of my older messages are gone, where did they go?
A: Currently we remove all BP Mail messages after 6 months, you cannot view any messages older than this time frame.


Q: How do I add colors, fonts, sizes and urls to my mail, profile, posts and signature?
A: You should be able to use the Forum Code buttons placed above the text areas, however, for information on how to manually do this, please see the Text Guide.

Q: How do I become the featured member?
A: Featured members are selected randomly by the system daily, from users that have been active in the forums on a regular basis and have an approved picture.

Q: I'm a parent, what is there to protect my childrens privacy?
A: BuddyPic.com strongly recommends talking to your children about the dangers of the internet, just as you would talk to them about strangers in public, guns, drugs, etc. We have put together the following page about COPPA, which includes links to the FTC's website which contains Other resources on this subject. Information about COPPA.

Q: What if I have a problem?
A: All problems can easily be dealt with by contacting a moderator/administrator, preferably through the BP Mail feature or through the Site Issues and Enhancements forum.