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Top Females Page 24


Picture Username/Description Rating
TheeRedheadxoxo | Age: 24 | Sex: Female
My name is Kat, "& all I can say is that my life is pretty plain." ...
weetkisses | Age: 27 | Sex: Female
i'm 5'3. i have brown eyes brown hair i'm 13 years old. * thi...
HOLLiSTERcHiCoH5 | Age: 25 | Sex: Female
I don't wear hollister, I made this bp when I was in middle school. My new bp is www.buddypic.com/shelbyface...
ashlylee | Age: 26 | Sex: Female
**** you. i'm offended by buddypic's profane censorship....
xblackrose513x | Age: 25 | Sex: Female
I'm 5' tall yup that's it. I'm fun, kind, sweet, caring. I'm also stubborn, hyper, and just plain weird, but in the end I'm one of a kind. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm 21, and a Taurus ...
BabiiBearCarexXx | Age: 24 | Sex: Female
I'm Carrie. I love God. I'm Single. I don't think everything happens for a reason, but i think there is a reason everything happens. I have the best friend anyone could ask for. Chest tattoos are...