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Total Votes: 207 Rating: 7.13
Username: PyroRocker
Online Status: Currently Offline
Age: 31
Gender: Female
State/Region: GA
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Forum Posts: 5782
Signup Date: Tuesday, September 2, 2003
Last Login: Wednesday, May 20, 2020
My name is Keri. I can be extremely dumb. I usually just say whats on my mind. I love music! I love to have fun and live my life to the fullest! I'm probably not even close to who you want me to be, so don't try and change me. I'm extremely insecure, and can be very shy. Deal with it.

I live for music, I listen to....
underoath, from autumn to ashes, my chemical romance, Azure Ray, from first to last, fear before the march of flames, funeral for a friend, dashboard confessional, taking back sunday, stepa, fuel, rites of spring, matchbook romance, hellogoodbye, cursive, bright eyes, the postal service, mindless self indulgence, senses fail, rilo kiley, motion city soundtrack, billy talent, number one fan, saves the day, cartel, oasis, atreyu, finch, thrice, the mars volta, unearth, saosin, the early november, coheed and cambria, the faint, thursday, minus the bear, copeland, silverstein, norma jean, the used, tomorrows regret, anatomy of a ghost, love drug, desparicidoes, letterkills, acceptance, hopesfall, armor for sleep, a static lullaby, the juliana theory, ill nino, as I lay dying, hawthorne heights, straylight run, the rasmus, beep beep, mewithoutyou, and much more!
I'm a sucker for green/blue eyes. I love dark and long hair. Lip rings make me weak in the knees.

I love guys who can make me laugh!
Being spontaneous is always fun.
Don't be afriad to be romantic, its cute.
I hate talking on the phone with boring people.
Do NOT message me and say, HEY YOUR HOT. Catch my eye somehow.
I don't enjoy acne or people with crooked teeth, but looks are just one thing to add to a personality. K thx <3

http://profiles.myspace.com/users/5794479 Myspace Hoe!

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