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Total Votes: 2868 Rating: 6.33
Username: amourromance
Online Status: Currently Offline
Age: 33
Gender: Female
State/Region: CT
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Forum Posts: 3
Signup Date: Friday, March 18, 2005
Last Login: Tuesday, April 5, 2022
Facts about moi:
Name: Marisa
Occupation: Preschool Teacher, babysitter, random-bubbly-dorky
you may find interesting: I have the same beauty mark in the same spot as Marilyn Monroe and I can speak 4 different languages including ASL, my personality is rather unique since I have an intellectual philosophical mindset where I can have serious conversations in depth. Yet I tend to giggle a lot and am rather bubbly depending on the situation. I suppose being a kid at heart and preschool teacher intertwines nicely together, wouldn't you agree?. I've volunteered with various organizations and working with child that have special needs over the years and each experience is such a blessing. Oh and Hockey is the best sport and I am so determined to learn how to play it because watching it, I envy the players every time.
J'adore: any video games, watching history and discovery channel, watching jeopardy and making an educated guess, shopping at consignment and goodwill for clothes, amusement parks, concerts, hiking, stargazing; i have my own starfinder, do you envy? cooking, fishing, being picked up since i'm rather short, but sorry if you are creep i refuse to let you even give me a hug haha, spontaneous adventures, museums and art galleries, laser tag, go karts, and mini golf.

Attending Church
go karting
playing video games of ALL kinds [I started playing when I was 3]
the show supernatural<3
adult swim[aqua teen hunger force, robot chicken, family guy]
Star Wars, Star Trek
playing guitar/singing
Intellectual conversations
learning new things
Sports: Hockey, Tennis,baseball,football
romantic gestures
the smell and look of candles when they are lit
rock climbing
fire especially if its around someone special
spending time with friends and family
reading classic books and poems
watching nerdy television[history and discovery]
music with beautiful lyrics
being spontaneous and dorky if its with the right person
working with young children
being a kid at heart,when its appropriate
roller coasters
cooking and baking[cupcakes are my favorite (: ]
catching fireflies


Personality: Sense of humor, intelligence is lovely, can hold a conversation, similar interests to moi, caring, sweet, sentimental,trustworthy(cheaters are disgusting, I myself have never cheated on a guy EVER), spontaneous, randomness, dorky, and creative.

Looks: I LOVE a guy with nice hair haha, any eye color, smells good, in shape
being cold
indecorous individuals
the tilt-a-whirl
liars& cheaters
shallowness and unappreciative /overly materialistic people
dishonesty, lack of being opened/communication

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