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Total Votes: 425 Rating: 7.60
Username: foxracer2
Online Status: Currently Offline
Age: 29
Gender: Male
State/Region: FL
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Forum Posts: 1
Signup Date: Sunday, July 13, 2003
Last Login: Sunday, March 11, 2018
. i have blonde tips n have i have both of my ears periced i weigh 165 im muscular.i have green and blue eyes.


So let me get this straight,
If it's not layed out, it's played out?
So that must mean,
If you can't drag, you're a !
Shut 'em Down
Open up Shop
That's how MiniTrucka's Roll
http://www.woofervids.com/displayimage.php?album=77&pos=2 now i call that a system
oh girl give me that oh gurl give me that girl give me that u know u want gurl dont act like u dont want it gurl i want it jus as bad as u do .

i stay flossin in that candy paint blowin dank sippin drank on 84's.
im a baller shot collar 20 inch crawler.

shorty so seductive dancin on me the way that she move that shes makin me horny
a gurl that is nice and out goin and is fun to be around .

You need a lesson you can learn from rappin'
But they tried to ban it realize it ain't gon' happen
We done changed the world
Ghetto voices bein' heard and fed
Now I got my guns better arm yourselves
Most don't have a clue
If it goes down what to do
Don't you know this government ain't proof for me and you
I have a dream no I have a wish
If we can't save ourselves then let's aid our kids
Let the world go wrong
Let these babies have somethin'
Let the world go wrong
Just don't blow this motherBuddyPicka up
You kill him he'll kill you
Some say it's stupid but violence really lives where I come from
Hungry little kids where I come from
Thugs like me where I come from

Sometimes I sit and think about if I could change the world
Get in the mind of the nigga boys and girls
Show 'em that it is a better way
Satan got you trippin' don't listen to what the devil say
'Cause he can deceive ya
Play with your brain and mislead ya
But it won't be long
'Til the angels come
There's no where to hide but he'll run
Babylon the great has fallen
God is callin'
We all in y'all in
Souljahs go marchin' in bombin' 'em
But this time we ain't talkin'
We are tryin' to hit the target we launchin'
Police brutality got to cease
But I see the NYPD don't want peace
And the LAPD don't weant peace
So we'll never be free
So come on
Ya'll know how i feel about fake niggas bich niggas snitch niggas ain't no love for them
put a nigga in his place moma crying at the wake that's right
that's what a nigga does for them
I play above the rim I play above the rim
with no lames in my circle cause i love to win
With the real buns niggas with the thug in them
And if you talk too much i put a slug in them
Oh no don't play with em
Lay gon get em If Wish don't get em then Kray gon get em
Straight up we spit em
with a nine on my side and i slide to the rhythm
Let me slow it down in case you didn't catch my drift
lift a nigga up out his shoes trigga finga not hesitant m'kay it
Let me speed it up hit em like the ammunition comin from my heata
ya'll niggas can't see these thugs 17 shots from the nine millimeter
On the creep with the nightvision infared beams pointed at your dome,
can't wait to see a niggas response
when i rip that vest with the teflon teflon

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